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Growing up with a family of avid fishermen meant spending most summers with my grandparents at the seashore in Englewood, New Jersey. The seashore is where my deep love and respect for the ocean began. Realizing this love was passed onto me by my beloved grandmother and accomplished artist, Josephine DeWitt Lipton, it is to her I dedicate my art.


I am fortunate to live on the intracoastal across from an inlet that leads to the ocean. When I sit on our dock, I find peace and solace watching the tide as it ebbs and flows. Seeing how the sun's rays, the sky, clouds and the ever-changing tide work in harmony in it's natural environment fascinates me. It magically conducts a visual symphony on the surface of the water.


These are the fleeting images I capture before they are swept away and forever changed. Once I capture these watery moments I crop, slightly enhance and print the images on various mediums including canvas, metal and acrylic. Each photographic artwork becomes an abstract palette of natures reflections and play of light.


Look close, you never know what you might “sea.”


I am proud to support Good Karma Squad, a Florida nonprofit organization founded              in 2020 by husband-and-wife team, Ed and Janet Ramos.


Good Karma Squad is focused on inspiring change for the conservation and preservation

of our oceans, coastal habitats and marine life.  They aim to raise awareness through education, community engagement and collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations. 

Learn more and donate to Good Karma Squad directly now

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Good Karma Squad


“World of Water” Exhibition opening at Cornell Art Museum in Delray Beach

Delray Old School Square


APRIL 7 - JUNE 25, 2023

Artigras Fine Arts Festival 2023

Gardens North County District Park
Palm Beach Gardens , Florida

FEB 18 - FEB 19 - 2023

AQUA international online group exhibition by Gallerium

National Virtual Exhibition and published in The Book of Arts: Aqua series


1/25/23 - 2/25/23

Art on BRiC Walls: A Boca Raton Museum of Art Juried Exhibit of Photography                      
BRIC/Boca Raton Innovative Center,

Boca Raton

OCT 19, 2022- MARCH 29 - 2023

Artigras Fine Arts Festival 2021

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

FEB 13 - FEB 14 - 2021


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